Grace Rasmus

Grace Rasmus

I'm a student journalist.

I'm a journalism major at Boston University graduating in 2015.

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Open uri20131004 1016 jqhy57 article

Quitting Caffeine is Now Listed as a Mental-Health Disorder in the DSM

Caffeine withdrawal is too real, guys.

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Why Are the Women on Breaking Bad So Unlikable? | The Jane ...

TV. Why Are the Women on Breaking Bad So Unlikable? 4:15 pm, July 4th | by Grace Rasmus. Warning: Spoilers...

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Coffee Shop Noises Can Boost Creativity

According to the Times, coffee shop noise is particularly helpful when doing creative work, such as writing or brainstorming.

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Senate to Cut Sexual Assault Measure From Military Bill

In a shocking turn of events, Senator Carl Levin announced that fellow Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand’s measure aimed at curbing sexual assault within the armed forces will be cut from the military spending bill.

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Pay to Get Paid: Why Prepaid Card Payroll Systems Are Devastating for Low-Income Employees

A New York Times exposé reveals the decline of regular paychecks and its adverse impact on many low-income workers.

Open uri20131004 1016 ciscx0 article

Rep. Phil Gingrey Wants Schools to Formally Enforce Gender Stereotypes

Oh phewf, these kids came to school already wearing gender-appropriate colors. Guess we can skip that lesson today!

Open uri20131004 30919 1sze042 article

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Challenges GOP’s “Morally Wrong” Stance on Student Loans

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) ponsored a bill that would freeze interest rates for federal loans at 3.4 percent for two years. The GOP blocked this proposal on Thursday

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According to Real People, Marion Bartoli Wasn’t Hot Enough to Win Wimbledon

Over the weekend, 28-year-old Marion Bartoli became the Wimbledon singles champion — and people are outraged. Not because she didn’t deserve the title, but because she isn’t a blonde, statuesque woman like her opponent Sabine Lisicki.

Open uri20131004 31294 1op5xet article

70% of American Workers Hate Their Jobs

And those ping-pong tables aren’t helping.

Open uri20131004 31294 flawyw article

Unexpectedly Feminist Moments on Last Night’s Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars may seem like a totally superficial TV show but it hosts a surprising number of badass, feminist moments. In this series, we will separate the PLL garbage from the PLL girl power.

Open uri20131004 1016 136sf37 article

What We Buy: My Love-Hate Relationship With Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee — we need to talk.