Grace Rasmus

Grace Rasmus

I'm a student journalist.

I'm a journalism major at Boston University graduating in 2015.

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Open uri20140408 30069 1tkw4vk article

mYcase Universal E-Reader Portfolio review: iPad mini users, stay away - Review

Although the product claims to fit 7-8-inch devices, 7.9-inch iPad mini owners should take their business elsewhere....

Open uri20140410 27119 1bi3kso article

11 things you can expect to see in a David Fincher-directed Steve Jobs biopic - Features

Check out our slideshow for speculations on what a David Fincher-directed Jobs movie would be like....

Open uri20140408 5413 1cv2m1e article

Slim Folio Case by Covert iPhone 5s case review - Review

The Slim Folio Case by Covert is a nice iPhone 5/5c/5s case for a younger audience - mainly those looking for a cheap, stylish, wallet-like case optimised for hands-free viewing....

Open uri20140307 20995 fkfw3 article

The best movies and videos shot using an iPhone - Features ...

The best movies and videos shot using an iPhone - F...

Open uri20140408 5413 146xf4j article

Kujali case for iPad mini review - Review

We're impressed with this high-quality Kujali iPad mini 'Classic' protective cover: good craftsmanship, stylish design, and all for a great cause....

Open uri20140304 5888 9hvip article

Watch: iPad painting is the coolest new art medium - Features

iPad applications like Brushes, ArtRage, ArtStudio and Procreate make it easy for artists to create stunning works of art. Prepare to be amazed....

Open uri20140408 30069 gkbock article

Everything you need to know about iTunes U - Features

Want to know more about iTunes U, Apple's educational resource? Allow us to walk you through the basics....

Open uri20140408 30069 1hlagqy article

7 ways the iPhone can save a life - Features

The iPhone is a life-changing device - but it can be a life-saving device too. Here are 7 ways the iPhone has saved the say....

Open uri20140408 30069 15qukpt article

14 strange Steve Jobs anecdotes: Money, anger and personal hygiene - Features

We all know him as a legendary innovator, but who was Steve Jobs really? These 14 stories from the people who knew him best may give us a clue....

Open uri20140226 12749 hd03jy article

This strange new Steve Jobs tribute sculpture is right at home with other bizarre Apple artwork - Features

The new Steve Jobs tribute sculpture is weird, but how does it stack up against the rest of the strange Apple art out there? Take a look at our round-up of the most bizarre commemorative Jobs pieces from the last few years....

Open uri20140408 30069 1hzum2e article

New Steve Jobs opera compares Apple founder to Henry V - Features

A new French opera called...

Open uri20140410 27119 ixs0wm article

New HTC One M8 2014 vs iPhone 5s comparison review: Hyped HTC One m8 doesn't convince as an iPhone killer - Review

We compare Apple's iPhone 5s with the new HTC One M8 2014. Is it a good alternative to the iPhone? Read our iPhone 5S versus HTC One M8 comparison review to find out....